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*1946 Sandpoint ID, USA   -   1991 Amsterdam    
 Script: The Idaho kid who loved emeraldgreen, writing music and performing,
bringing the nearby far away.

Klyde Warren Marley, is born Idaho - Sandpoint on May 19th, 1946, he worked in the music business as a songwriter, singer - entertainer in Hawaii, in L..A., in NYc. He visited Europe as a young man in the sixties-seventies to get a taste of European culture. looked for inspiration, looked adventure and to write music on this Steinway Grand, Keizergracht Amsterdam, where he eventually took up residence and later played his piano from Hawaii, a 'Mason and Hamlin'.
He loved to write music
, to connect with what lives in him in terms of musical concepts, tunes and thoughts and to show it later to the world. An artist needs an audience.

Warren grew up in Sandpoint with his mother Opal Eileen Marley ( * 1919 -
2005) and his father Clyde Wilson Marley (*1913 - 1980)and three brothers: the older Bob-Arlen (* 1943 - 2010 ), the younger Randy and Lance (*1953 - 2019). His mother was housewife, his father managed a family-run a food and beverage business. With his brothers Harold and Emmet and one bother-in-law they owned a wholesale grocery-liquor store in Bonner County, Sandpoint.
Two mean influences were, for sure his mother,who enjoyed herself playing piano and passing on a musical dimension and from his dad who was a church minister-clergyman, he received a religious-metaphysical dimension.

Warren's education.
As teenager he moved to Esterville to stay with aunt Ardis Carey.
He attended local schools, graduating from Estherville Lincoln Central High School. He took the school music education as well as private piano lessons. In the school he accompanied the choir with his piano playing. At the time, a vinyl record was recorded with the choir's songs. He looked back on this period with pride. (This information needs to be completed). Besides accompanied the choir he played in boy-bands and dreamed of a musical carrier. Music was like an instinct an intelligent drive within him, fascinated by it he wrote, played and sung and studied popular as well as classical music all his life.

Warren developed also a daily ritual to study and meditate the Bible, something he has seen at home. He experienced and discovered subjects that inspired him, it nourish his research and desire for a religious dimension in life. Searching for the meaning of Life. Besides music he had a great interest in world-literature, in art, movies, in the sun and swimming. He loved reading thrillers: Agatha Christie, Ronald Dahl, Ruth Rendel, but also the classic French and Russian writers.
The art of education!

It is all about developing the child's own core and inner talents! That is somehow different from an upbringing in accor
dance with the expectations of others. In his youth he lacked the symbolization by education / educators of certain psychic phenomena and values - even if not those of a majority - belonging to healthy psychic development.
Has a young gay man he had to hide some parts of his personality in order to survive. It is comparable to a black child growing up in the environment of white children. It is entitled to hear it is equivalent. Missing the learning transfer through identification, missing the positive growth experience it causes a psychological struggle that lasts a lifetime.
There were no adult examples for identification, no verbal psychological reassurance. 'Gay' was a denied or a rejected phenomenon. People preferred to keep quiet about it.

Meet people and places.
In his first professional years he met some important people in the music business, people who pushed his starter career forward.
They facilitated and developed his profound love and talent for music.
Gerry and Sid Bernstein, Don Costa, Phil Ramone,they were important guides. More career details in 'Encounters in Music'.
He was stationed in Los Angeles, New York and he stayed several years in Honolulu Hawaii. After living and working in the States he traveled and worked around the world: London, Berlin, Poland, Paris, he worked in The Peninsula in Hong Kong, in Corfu Greece, the Hilton and Okura Amsterdam. He recorded with Don Costa, Phil Ramone and in Holland he recorded'Sunny days in Amsterdam' and 'Mahalia'. From about 1976 he settled and stayed permanently in Amsterdam. He stayed with me and had his own piano studio.
In 1989 he became victim of an incurable viral disease - Hiv - and died in 1991. His last year was a one of serious health problems and hardship.
In general Warren was an intelligent person with humour, very friendly, a gentle and refined character with great compassion for people in need and pain, with great empathy for the needs of children and elderly.

The Marley family in Sandpoint and experiencing violence.
Warren had an affectionate relationship with his family. He gave them time and attention. About every year he tried to stay for a few week with them in Sandpoint. When his brothers got children he felt a great affection for his nephew and nieces, for Nathan, Jennifer, Akela. He also felt a great love for his grandmother Allred who lived in the 'yellow house' (song). The childeren appear on the first page of the family picture book he made in his senior year. Every year he was fond of exchanging presents for Christmas.
Beaten up.
At one of his stays in Sandpoint he visited with his brother Bob a bar and was targeted by a group of violent men. He was ordered to leave the bar and then was beaten up, broke his collarbone and had facial and body injuries. By crawling under - and in the mud - a caravan he eventually finds shelter from his attackers.
It reminded him of the nagging and bullying of students during his youth. The reason he once went to live with his aunt Ardis Carey in Esterville.
Idaho was at that time (40 years ago) not the state with a great tolerance for artistic and sexually differently grounded individuals. His father cared for his injuries and Warren experienced great fatherly love. Not much later his father died. During Warren's illness in Amsterdam his mother Opal showed genuine concern and compassion.

Last goodbye Sandpoint.
In the last month of his life he received help to accomplish a last wish: traveling a last time to the USA.
After months of hospitalization and realizing that the cause of the disease was untreatable (hiv), we sought funding to fulfill one last wish: a visit to his mother and family in Idaho for a last farewell. They were aware of the seriousness of his illness but not yet of it final stage. I had told his mother of the aids virus, but she kept it in her heart.
To make the voyage from Amsterdam to Idaho we had to build in resting places.
KLM was loyal and supporting people traveling with aids. They gave us an upgrade to business class, we stopped in Chicago and Spokane before driving to Sandpoint. The hospital in Spokane cooperated to provide interim medical assistance.
Since his life was about to end prematurely, he intended to inform his family about the illness and wishes regarding his music legacy. But a weak condition and an inner conflict kept tormenting him. He wanted to tell the truth but at the same time feared that his family would reject him and could for example deny him access to his cousins.
Not an unknown phenomenon not discussing difficult topics.

Resting in Amsterdam.

The trip was prolific and of great psychological importance. He had succeeded in going back in his mind and in real time to Sandpointe. It
was of great consolation to say farewell to family, place of birth, the yellow house, youth and friends. We were both satisfied that the trip to America was successful. In a way it was joyful and painful, we were sad that he had not been able to express his heart. Three days after his return to Amsterdam, he developed blood poisoning that proved fatal.
He is buried surrounded by friends, words of the bible, his own music, Mahalia Jackson, blue gentians, calla lilies and roses. Bible verses were read, the story of 'The 'New Jerusalem': "Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth,...... And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven..". Also at his request, his father's bible is laid in his coffin, a desire to rest with the word of God.
It was his choice to rests in Amsterdam, "Zorgvlied" the old cemetery along the Amstel river. Epitaph: Don't let the song go out of your life.

Life's colouring book.
His life had many colors. Teased in his youth, beaten up as an adult, the clues in the social interaction about norms of the straight majority... made it difficult at times be uninhibited, spontaneous, especially in regard to his god-given sexual nature. You had to stay alert.

Rest assured he colored life with cheerfulness, with a large dose of intelligent humor and cordiality. His nature was imbued in love, he chose the green side of life, the color of balance, harmony and growth. He loved green emerald stones!

The emerald was a symbol, not to own, but a precious quality to explore in himself and throughout his music and life.
A joy he knew exceptionally was the beauty of music, the joy of travelling, ....but his central joy was charing friendships and affection with people, friends, childeren, young and old.

The last two years of his life there was a succession of health problems.
He found sympathy and humane dignity among the medical staff and personnel of the VUMC and AMC, two hospitals in Amsterdam who treated the hiv. His gratitude and acknowledgment was great.

                                             Music and lyrics Warren Marley - Producer Ruud Jacobs.

    For every 'Christmas-Music'.

Knowing his life was ending within a short time, he wanted to leave behind a musical gift that portrays beauty.
He wrote twelve songs for Christmas, taped the song himself, provided vocals and piano playing and named the album 'For every Christmas'.
The project reflects the depth of his talent and dedication in a period were mental and physical strength was under attack.
It was his most emotional and and exhaustive act ever.

These songs are his legacy. Songs with a divine theme, to fulfill a human longing, joy and consolation.
For Warren not the religious groups, not church communities nor institutions were of importance.
He opted for an independent individual spiritual and religious formation, an awareness growing inside himself.
Some of his Christmassongs contain only biblical texts.
It is a serene consciousness, an inner belief that the 'visible and invisible world' form an integrated unity and we participate in it.


        A project for the future.

The 'I' resilience is vulnerable, the 'I' is inter-contactually built up. If you are pointed at, if you are targeted on the basis of skin color, sexual preference, intellectual level, appearance...then your authenticity is taken away from you. When discrimination constantly haunts you, it suppresses your personality. This always being targeted and assesed on one point - sexual preference - also determines your happiness. The acceptance or or rejection at the micro level (family) has a macro projection The different forms of society and community (school, sportsclub, working place, nightlife,.....) determine the chances of the individual. Imagen the LBTGQ free zones as official political policy, the religious condemnation.

The Allred Music Foundation purpose.
Allred is the name of - Warren Marley beloved grandmother who lived in the 'yellow house'.
The foundation wishes to:

1- protect and promote Warren's music & the 'For every Christmas' songs.
Except for the exploitation cost - like artist royalties, producers fee, ect. - any profits should serve a human aim.

2- i t aims to support define gay emancipating projects through education, judicial assistance, psychological and medical treatments, executed by non-governmental organisations.
In particular also gay violence related assistance (Russia, Poland, Hungary, etc.).

AllRed Music Project

Spring 1971: Writing at Kawela Bay and Ka'a'awa Valley / Oahu
The Christmas songs legacy


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