hristmas songs legacy   

The birth of a Christmas album.

Warren was living in Amsterdam when he wrote the songs. He started to create this album in 1989 and recorded them on cassette tape, voice and piano.
Warren recovered from a pneumonia and a meningitis infection, was warned by doctors for his health.
Taken in consideration his health, he was inspirited and challenged to fulfill a composer’s wish. He worked month after month, refining and refining his ideas for text and music. Melodies 'air tide' and natural, each carol is tuning and communicating an aspect of Christmas.
Words from the bible, words form his mind,feelings described Christmas. Let the candle light shine into your heart,… let there be an heavenly peace on earth,…
.. let the vesper bells call us to be grateful, and so on...
Christmas was always special for Warren. The creating process fulfilled him with energy but also made him somehow vulnerable
and curious for reactions.
December 1990, as a Christmaspresent he sent to about thirty friends all over the world a cassette tape of his latest work with greetings.

His legacy today.

Melodies written in love and persuasion have the power to survive.
They are ment to like you, to possess you and stay with you. Warren loved a moving melody, he believed in great tunes,
He succeeded writing the carols with beautiful tonalities, fine crafted, sagacious made. Image them with a soft or loud symphonic sweep, some chores voices and a great singer.
If the songs are proformed in the right way, they will reflect and create a wonderful mood for Christmas, for every Christmas.


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T.Bahler wrote: "When he /or she-a deceased/ is out of my life becomes a reality, our mind creates an inevitable desire of a spiritual existence of the loss.
Through identification life is full of ghosts! They change our identity. Also a divine Trinity can be seen in symbols as Heaven, Earth and the Mystery of life".

A mysterious voice reveals Warren in next poem. They are the words of a Christmas carol where a 'Spirit travels as Light through you and the Universe'.
In an utmost personal manner he expressed spiritual strength.

  'The Holy, Holy Ghost'.
He lives in me
He speaks to me
He fills me with his melody
and holds me in His arms.
He takes my fears and lonely tears.
and turns them into sunshine.
The Holy, Holy Ghost with light divine.....

Sometimes my courage fails.
My doubt begin.

My faith in Him seems gone.
But He just reaches out in love so strong.
And carries me, carries me on.
He guides my pride
He guides my soul
His grace and goodness makes me whole
He sings in me
He shines in me
He sets my spirit free.
He tenderly does care for me
His faithful hands in mine.
The Holy, Holy Ghost with light divine