Great Encounters during his career.

During his career Warren met some great names in the music business.
Of great personal value was the support and friendship with Gerry and Sid Bernstein and their children.
Sid Bernstein America’s legendary impresario - who brought the Beatles to the USA -
worked with Warren, organising some business contacts and had him working
on demo-music with The Young Rascals - a popular music band in the sixties.
Warren had a regular correspondence with Gerrie Bernstein, an expression of their deep friendship and trust.
For an artist, contacts are sometimes like holding on to a straw. They confirm talents and help to take a new direction.
An interview on ' The Tonight Show' with Johnny Carson was one of the initiatives in his early career.

His recordings with Don Costa and Phil Ramone, some of the best music producers, belong to the highlights in his life.
The song 'Los Angeles' from the album 'Something better' was used in the film classic 'Walkabout' in 1971.

'Something better was a coproduction of Phil Ramone together with Pete Spargo.
It was a trilling experience appearing beside the music giant John Barry, the celebrated film composer of modern times.
Also in the movie Pigeons (1970) 'Faces Of You' the music score was a contributions from Warren's hand.

Living in Amsterdam, Warren made some recording with Tom Peters in Nijmegen, today Tom is manager of the NRGY music BV .

Warren was introduced to Tom Peters by Steve Johnson, who was a good friend and also living and studying in Amsterdam. Tom worked with Warren on the homage song 'Mahalia', a tribute to Mahalia Jackson, the gospel queen.

'Sunny days in Amsterdam' was recorded with producer Ruud Jacobs in Hilversum. Ruud Jacobs was beside a music producer also a musician, the double bass player in the 'Pim Jacobs Trio'.

In Hawaii a mate in music was Jay Larrin. Jay recorded some of his songs.
However, it is regrettable that Jay Larrin has never paid any composers royalties. Even when Warren was ill and needed some finances to live on, mister Jay Larrin reacted insensitively, look away not arranging anything and hiding behind his manager Alan Yamamoto.
He called Warren 'his good buddy' but never pay one cent for using the songs entitled "Morning Star" and "Don't Let The Song Go Out Of Your Life". 'J'accuse' of abuse of friendship and copyrights.

   Nicolas Roeg's 'Walkabout' film (1971)
is telling the story of a memorable emotional and physical odyssey for a girl, her little brother and an Aborigine boy on his coming-of-age.
Music by John Barry and one song by Warren Marley: Los Angelos


   Pigeons(1970), a John Dexter film.
Music score contribution Warren Marley.
Pigeons was originally released under the strenuously "hip" title
Sidelong Glances of a Pigeon Kicker.

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