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LP "Something Better", produced by Phil Ramone & Pete Spargo.
Stereo ARL/7100/004           A&R Records New York

  Warren Marley

   Warren Marley is an American singer-songwriter, filmmusic composer.
Made records with Don Costa and Phil Ramone, in LA and NYcity. 
In Holland he produced records with Tom Peters and Ruud Jacobs.
Warren was born in Idaho, Sandpoint, May 1946.
He worked in Hawaii, LA., NYcity, Hong Kong and Europe.
In 1975 he settled in Amsterdam to live and work, to write music.

   His legacy © Several single disk recordings.
Lp in 1971with Phil Ramone & Pete Spargo: 'Something Better'
Casette tape album, 12 Christmas Carols: 'For Every Christmas' ,
composed in 1990, signed Klyde Warren Marley.
8 Video's on YouTube, 3 with Don Costa's arrangements.
Inspirational thought: 'Hold on to your dreams'.
*1946  - 1991

Dear Friends,
The best is yet ! Warren's music is on YouTube, Spotify, Deezer...
Some Christmas songs, 'SunnyDays in Amsterdam', 'Left Over Decorations, 3 songs with Don Costa orchestral arrangements + the Mike Curb Congregation....
They are on YouTube. Check the internet. In the video's Warren's songs interact with art and photography.
Curious!  Find a moment to linger with Warren's music and pictures.


WARREN MARLEY    ©  on  YouTube with Don Costa arrangements:       

I love the music.   The song expresses Warren's love for music and and creator of the universe. Don Costa and the Mike Curb Congregation are great company for a sophisticated musical touch. Let's celebrates and love the music.

Don't let the song go out of your life.   Warren was e was impressed by this epitaph on a tombstone in Hawaii. It was a message he liked to pass on in a song. The orchestral arrangement by Don Costa reinforces this moving message.

Funny Clothes.   Warren becomes an actor and spectator in an imaginary story. The story and the music line demands a spacious musical exploration. Don Costa delivers a fine orchestral expansion and makes the song likable and grand.
Leftover decorations.   One day a brother of Warren was confronted with a 'no' from this future bride. Besides the feeling of failure the question arose....what do we do with the leftover decorations? The music in a country style is balancing appropriate with the mood of this event.


Welcome on Warren Marley's homepage.
 A portrait
, an invitation to meet.
Enjoy his music, voice and songs. Share his talent, his music legacy.
'It 's my desire to do some good thing every day',
'Don't let the song go out of your life'. Lovely quotes from Warren.

Find below the songs from "Something Better" LP.
Visit the  Audio link for more music.
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Bert van Puyenbroeck


One day life transforms substantially. The Warren Marley AllRed Music foundation - in progress - will be a new figuration, where his music meets new editions and voices to travel around this world. Music is a joy, a gift that keeps on giving. One wish is: transforming funds-
material substances into humanitarian values.

 Site launched May 19th 2007, on his birthday.   Last modified Nov. 2020.


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Where is the sound that once sounded  !    

Warren Marley:  "SOMETHING BETTER ".  A&R Records N. Y. ARL/7100/004    Album LP - Free Listening                                               Produced Phil Ramone and Pete Spargo

      1. Los Angeles    Warren Marley
      2. Golden Slumbers    Warren Marley
      3. Anywhere Like Heaven    Warren Marley
      4. Take A Feelin'    Warren Marley
      5. Days Of My Youth    Warren Marley   
      6. One Fine Summer Morning    Warren Marley  
      7. Faces of You    Warren Marley  
      8. Something's Wrong    Warren Marley  
      9. Dandeline    Warren Marley  
     10. Born Free    Warren Marley  
     11. Something Better    Warren Marley  
 Mahalia. A tribute to Mahalia Jackson in a song.      Warren Marley

The Hawaiian Room, Lexington Hotel, NYC
Len Erna Cotton & Warren Marley in 1968-1969.
In memory of Erna Woo and their lifelong friendship.

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